justira ([personal profile] justira) wrote2011-07-06 07:53 am

my life

I've generally had at least one doctor appointment a week so far this summer, but this week takes the cake.

DayTimeThingHow Awesome Is It?
Tuesday2:30amEndocrinologistMost unprofessional, least welcoming doctor I have ever encountered, and humiliated me pretty thoroughly! Also the only one within feasible distance who is covered by my insurance =D
Wednesday8:20amDentistNeedles! In MY MOUTH! MY FAVOURITE. Phobias rock.
Thursday12:00 noonMRI prepFasting for 12 hours beforehand, yay.
2:30pmMRI 1
Friday1:30pmMRI 2Fasting for 12 hours beforehand, yay.
Saturday9:15amBlood draw for labworkEven MORE needles, AND fasting for 12 hours beforehand. Party time, right.

Yep. At least one doctor/medical thing every working day this week plus Saturday. Good times.

I know I'm lucky to have any access to healthcare, but I am probably allowed to be grumpy about my health =\

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