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[Daily Doodle] FFXII/FF Tactics - Dark Knight Gabranth (G)

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Daily Doodle: Of course he's a Dark Knight. Of course.


The thing is, Tactics style is apparently fabulous for displaying shapely male posterior (hint: bottom left). And APPARENTLY I now have some kind of Noah FETISH (courtesy of [personal profile] chaosraven NO DOUBT) and got it into my head at some point, or maybe [personal profile] renay gave me the idea, to thus showcase Noah. We never see his ass, but I am willing to bet it is pretty damn fine. His calves came out pretty well turned, too.

The design is meant to be more or less in the spirit of previous job class porn entries. The design is obviously taken from Gabranth's armour, with simplification inspiration (and ideas for how to simplify Noah's face) from the Revenant Wings Gabranth art. Modified to look a little closer to the standard War of the Lions Dark Knight — the... things... on Noah's legs (tassets? cuisses? what the hell are they?) were transformed into the flary tassets of the male Dark Knight (though I kept a simplified version of the design from Gabranth's). The ridiculous crowny things on his poleyns are now the (embroidered) boot cuffs of the female Knight. (I have something of a habit of borrowing from both genders' outfits indiscriminately, though I apparently particularly enjoy putting little touches from lady costumes on the gentlemen.) I tried to work in bitty spikes on his pauldrons (quite bitty).

I had the damnedest time trying to get any kind of resemblance in the Tactics style — the faces consist of a generic-across-characters eye style, NO nose, and minimal mouth. What the hell am I supposed to do with that? Ah, I tried. He rather resembles a Beoulve, though — I smell an AU.

This did turn out more than a little busy without the colours I was too lazy to apply — those would have delineated the shapes and muted the lines. But overall, quite fun, definitely going in the queue to clean up and colour someday.

Time: 1.5ish hours, not counting the time I spent staring off into space.


chaosraven: Chopper (Default)

[personal profile] chaosraven 2010-07-13 04:24 am (UTC)(link)
Oh yes, I feel so very chastised. Though, and I'm not really sure how this is possible, I think he looks more like Basch. WTF, IDENTICAL TWINS. ;_;

I'm loving this series!
kiwikiwi: Chi, Chi's Sweet Home (Chi: Uwah Uwah~)

[personal profile] kiwikiwi 2010-07-13 05:27 am (UTC)(link)
Ooou, hello there magister :d
lassarina: (Gabranth's Rule of Law)

[personal profile] lassarina 2010-07-13 12:56 pm (UTC)(link)
Appropriate icon is appropriate. Just saying.

I like the scent of this AU.

[personal profile] noahverus 2012-03-26 02:06 pm (UTC)(link)
I'd have loved to see this, but for some reason, the pictures are taking a really long time to load. :(

Oh, and hello! I'm new here. :)

[personal profile] noahverus 2012-03-26 03:28 pm (UTC)(link)
Thank you very much! X3

Gabranth is my favorite character, and my friends independently associated me with him. Haha! I also share his name (well, my nickname), as you can see. :)

I've been playing FF Tactice: War of the Lions lately, so I'm so excited to see this. I just wish that he really had been there, though. :P

Good job on this one! The only way I could find a Gabranth cuter than the one in FFXII is in Tactics. XD

[personal profile] noahverus 2012-03-26 03:34 pm (UTC)(link)
Oh, and just to add -- I'd be really happy if I see this cleaned-up and colored. XD