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[Daily Doodle] Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes - Holmes/Watson (PG? PG13?)

Daily Doodle: This is more of a sketch or wip or something (read: not really done), but I am tired and SO cranky, so! I meant to draw this this weekend, when I saw it, but as evidenced by cat-goats I was way too tired.

So, behold!

If you want, you can think of this as a deep metaphor for how Holmes's relationship to Watson is parasitic and toxic (and so delicious)... or maybe Holmes is just a biter and Watson likes it. Whatevs.

Relatively pleased with how Watson (Jude Law) turned out. It is super hard, fyi, to draw biting in this realistic-ish style, so I guess Holmes (Robert Downey Jr.) turned out okay, all things considered? =\

PS: I feel a little better about today just because I drew Jude Law making that face.
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Mmmm yes, must love Jude Law's face here...!