Jan. 2nd, 2012

Guess what! [personal profile] seventhe and I have a teaser to celebrate [personal profile] renay being awesome and having a birthday and GRADUATING COLLEGE! There is a SURPRISE inside the teaser!

Teaser is over here! It is over six thousand words long, whoops!

Exclamation marks!

[personal profile] renay. We hope you like it =D
Wanna know something weird? There is a surprising amount of overlap between people who make FFVII stuff and people who make FFT stuff! I was trying to put together more rec posts and I realized that a lot of the people I'd pulled for one had also done something for the other. So why not! Lady Agrias led us off the Final Fantasy Ladies recs post, and here we are diving into FF Tactics by her lead. I'm rounding this post off with a great FFT vid (yes! a vid!), and the next post will open with another vid by the same vidder, but for FFVII. Which I think is super neat =D

Like the last post, this seems to run on themes, a bit. There's actually a bunch more art I want to rec but wow I ran out out time so very hard >.>

Final Fantasy Tactics: 12 arts, 1 cosplay, 1 vid )



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