Sep. 4th, 2006

I am home from my vacation. Once again I have regular fast internet. YAY. I saw Travis and the kitties for the first time since May for two whole weeks! Also that is the first real vacation I've had since summer after junior year in high school. That was three years ago. NOT COOL.

Anyway. Now I have TWO AND A HALF WEEKS' WORTH Of DOODLES TO SCAN OH MY GAWD I am so sorry to everyone that's been waiting! I will try and get that done on the holiday tomorrow =D

I know, I'm way lame. I'm sorry!

Also there is TOO MUCH FIC in progress. In FOUR DIFFERENT FANDOMS. This is unprecedented!

Things I accomplished on my vacation!
- got Travis addicted to Avatar harccore. SCORE.
- broke my laptop! Must fix >.>
- drew lots! A lot of it gay >.>
- failed at getting done much of what I wanted to get done
- went out and had fun with [ profile] snarkymonkey and [ profile] megalotro. Was inexplicably sleepy that day and therefore EXTRA LAME.
- wrote about 20,000 words of policy ideas for a project. WHY AM I SO WORDY.

- MUCH FIC. Four one-shots in three fandoms in progress. And as always the big Water Seven fic. And I am actually making progress on the FFX epic, too. WOOT.
- Actual art! I will have not-doodles up soon. YHEY.

Okay, I have been in transit for about 10 hours now and I am TIRED. GOOD NIGHTY.



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